Ceylon Cinnamon 15 Sachets


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Suggested Servings

Dissolve one tablespoon (1/2 sachet) in a glass of warm water and drink 30 minutes before meal once a day. You can sprinkle Ceylon Cinnamon into your tea, to cook into your food or sprinkle on toast, cereal or desserts. Consume 30 minutes before hea


Storage Instructions

Store Ceylon Cinnamon in a dry place

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  • Imported from Sri Lanka, India
  • Certification of Halal Endorsement Product, SGS System Certification, ISO 22000, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, License under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and SGS Coumarin Content.
  • 100% Original Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
  • Known as ‘The Real Cinnamon’ for the high Cinnamaldehyde content which is more than 70%
  • Different from Cassia Cinnamon which is often used daily in Malaysian Cooking
  • Contains Essential Cinnamon Oil properties which is very important for health
  • Contains low level of Coumarin which can cause liver failure and other health damages if taken daily or in high doses
  • Rich in Manganese, Fiber, Iron and Calcium.
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Characteristics

Weight .49 kg


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